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Proper Posture is About More Than Just Looks

Looking around you in nearly any environment and you will see many individuals sitting just like the gentleman in this first photo.

You will see their head forward (indicated by their chin being so far in front of their torso), they will be hunched over, their arms in front of them with rounded shoulders that are also more forward, and their head and/or eyes tilted up because of their hunched posture.

It may seem harmless and truthfully, for a couple minutes as a stretch, it's okay, but many individuals are spending hours in this position and even if it isn't as extreme as is demonstrated here, it's still having a negative impact on your health.

Even if you hunch over right now, just like the gentleman in the first photo, you are negatively affecting your ability to properly breathe and swallow! Yes, even just a few minutes, this isn't only if you do it for "a long time" (whatever that means).

How long do you think is okay to have reduced breathing ability? Breathing sounds kind of important, doesn't it??

Sitting up with proper posture, like the young ladies in the second photo will not only look better, it will also help decrease your neck and back pain, it will likely decrease headaches and migraines, in addition to help improve your breathing and swallowing capabilities.

This is why it is SO important to have your spine adjusted and moving properly. We've many new patients who aren't able to sit up properly because their spine isn't moving the way it needs to, to allow that posture.

Once their spine is adjusted and moving properly, nearly all patients find themselves better able to assume proper posture.

If you find sitting up properly to be painful - find a chiropractor you are comfortable with, we all practice differently so it may take a few tries, but even very gentle chiropractic care can get (and keep) your spine moving properly so your posture can improve without the pain!

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