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What Patients Are Saying ...

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"My posture has improved, my joints work better, and my pain has decreased."

"I'm sitting straighter and straightness is key while riding. I'm truly amazed! If my horse could talk - I'm pretty sure he would be amazed too!"

"My pain has decreased, my flexibility has increased, I feel like walking and exercising because I feel better and more balanced. Dr. Adams has helped to improve all aspects of my life."

"I feel better overall now that I am more steady. Dr. Adams's recommendations are all about improving my health and helping me to live my best life."

"Dr. Adams is a kind, caring doctor who is interested in helping to heal you completely. There are very few doctors who care as much as she does. She is not judgmental at all, she believes in helping all her patients."

"Dr. Adams helped me in so many ways. She was caring, helpful, thoughtful, and very knowledgeable of my injury, a sprained ankle, and was able to help me through a difficult time. She taught me more about my body and how to exercise my weak areas."

"I woke up and walked pain free this morning!!!!" (patient with chronic foot pain)


"Dr. Adams gives excellent care and treats her patients with an individualized plan. She will answer your questions and will brighten your day!"

"Dr. Adams was the first person in my life, after over 15 years of symptoms, to help diagnose me. I had no idea what was going on with my body until she stepped in. She helped me in many ways and gave me information I could use outside of the office as well! I know I can go to her with any questions or thoughts, no matter how strange they may seem."

"I'd been to chiropractors seeking relief after several sports related injuries to my back and shoulders, as well as concussions. While other chiropractors gave short term relief from the pain and discomfort, Dr. Adams provided care with lasting results. Dr. Adams's knowledge behind the body, performance, and neurology is notable. She takes the time necessary to yield targeted results through varied techniques. I've noticed a difference in my daily functioning, workout performance, pain levels, and overall health since starting care at her office. I now travel 2 hours, one way, to see her because I don't want to waste my time with superficial treatment that doesn't address the underlying causes of my pain!"

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