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Equestrian Helmet Ratings

Person riding a horse, wearing a helmet

Virginia Tech is known for its helmet testing, in an effort to ensure the safety of those participating in specific sports. It is important to test according to the sport due to the different types of impact someone may experience in each specific activity.

They have recently completed testing on equestrian helmets and have provided their safety ratings for 40 different helmets.

Virginia Tech's safety testing included testing on the front, back, and sides of the helmets and ensured the helmets were tested according to the impacts typically seen when an equestrian rider falls off their horse, including linear and rotational impacts.

We see mostly (but not only) equestrian riders in our office. Dr. Adams has helped many patients to improve their riding, decrease their number of falls, and helped many who have had concussions to return to riding their horse once again.

In our office, we frequently talk about helmets and their importance, check here to see how YOUR helmet ranks ...

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