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Chiropractic Care & Muscle Strength

image of person's lower legs and their arms with their hands gripping a weight bar, they are an amputee and have a prosthetic lower left leg

Although most individuals start out seeking chiropractic care for the relief of pain, chiropractic care isn't ONLY about pain and can actually improve muscle strength.

In this study, a chiropractor adjusted the participants' dysfunctional spinal and pelvic joints which resulted in increased muscle strength in the ankle plantar flexor muscles (muscles that make you stand in your toes) of elite Taekwondo athletes.

The improvement seen in the strength of their calf muscles shows that chiropractic care can improve areas that haven't been directly worked on by the chiropractor and no exercises or therapies were done on the area of improved strength.

It is worth noting that the areas worked on (spinal and pelvic) are where the nerves to the calf muscles are from/going to, and posture can also be affected significantly with adjustments in these areas.

Improvement in muscle strength isn't just for athletes, particularly as we age - our strength becomes more important.

Perhaps this is part of why so many athletes utilize chiropractic care, and many professional sports teams have chiropractors!

This is not medical advice, please see your PCP or medical provider before making any lifestyle, medication, supplement, dietary, etc changes

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