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Dr. Adams has been on the move! Catch up with her latest adventures here!

Dr. Adams has been taking her hiking to a whole new level! She has signed up for virtual races, allowing for walking, hiking, or running and all at her own pace! In January she completed a half marathon, with a donation to the Brain and Behavior Research Foundation!!!

We had a great time answering amazing questions with a fantastic and engaged group of learners!

On February 21, 2018, Dr. Adams taught a 2 hour meal preparation class for those living busy lives.

The class was taught through the Open Doors program here in Charlottesville at the Albemarle High School.

The class was packed with tidbits of information, must-haves, must-dos, some handouts, and so much more! 

In March, Dr. Adams hiked another half marathon! This time she hiked for CURE Epilepsy (Citizens United in Research for Epilepsy)

In February, Dr. Adams hiked another half marathon! This time she donated to the Autism Society!

April 5k.jpg
April 10k.jpg
April 5k2.jpg

In April, Dr. Adams supported Autism Research by hiking a 10k for the Doug Flutie Jr Foundation for Autism as well as hiking a 5k for the Organization for Autism Research!!


In May, Dr. Adams hiked another half marathon, this time for Be The Match! Dr. Adams is aware of the amazing gift a bone marrow donation can be to someone suffering from conditions such as leukemia and is happy to support an organization whose mission is helping to find bone marrow matches!


June involved another half marathon, this time supporting the Make A Wish Foundation! This fun foundation helps children with life-long and/or terminal illnesses to receive a wish they have like a trip to Walt Disney World, a bedroom with everything they could imagine...the list is endless and Dr. Adams is proud to be supporting their vision!

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