Lab-Based Nutritional Guidance

Dr. Melissa Adams has been helping individuals through nutritional guidance since 2011.  She has helped many individuals with a variety of goals they wish to achieve, including helping many to lose weight, from a few pounds to more than 150 pounds, while helping some individuals to gain weight. Others are looking for an anti-inflammatory diet to improve their healing and recovery, and reduce the illness, disease, injury, arthritis, or other conditions that may result from inflammation.

To achieve these results, Dr. Adams orders specific blood tests primarily through Cyrex Laboratories. The lab results provide Dr. Adams with information about how the patient's gastrointestinal system is functioning as well as food intolerances and sensitivities, allowing her to provide nutritional guidance specific to each patient. Through this testing, Dr. Adams has helped patients learn how eat healthy for their body, with unique and individualized nutritional guidance. Lab-based nutritional guidance has provided patients with the results they often were unable to achieve with other programs or efforts.

Dr. Adams continues to take courses to expand her knowledge in this area. She knows and has seen how diet can make a significant difference in the lives of many, however, she is aware that it can be confusing and even overwhelming to change your diet and lifestyle! One of her many goals is to help her patients to understand their own body and decrease the overwhelm associated with diet and lifestyle changes.

Dr. Adams uses supplements from several providers to meet the needs of her patients.  She is sensitive to the different preferences and requirements, to allergies, and intolerances, and strives to meet the needs and wants of her patients. You can learn more by sending us a message on our Contact Us page!

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